You are caffeinated without coffee.  bold and brave. confident and creative. You are driven even when you ride the bus. You are a leader. You are strong, passionate and willing to pitch in for the common cause. You are wired. Responsible and resourceful. Passionate and unpretentious. And you want to work in a company that fits your definition of you. A company that gives you the tools to succeed. And the opportunity to make a difference. It’s here for you. And whether your passion is fashion or finance, marketing or merchandising, law or logistics, you just may find that you are Stork Corporation.

Why Stork Corporation?

You are an important part of the culture at Stork Corporation. You are
a person that will love our fun and challenging work environment. You
are a performancedriven risktaker and will be encouraged to succeed.
You appreciate feedback because it contributes to your professional
development and growth. But most of all, with everything that makes Stork
Corporation a great place to work, you are in the right place.


You are a person with a great sense of individuality. Like us, you
recognize the importance of diversity. At Stork Corporation, diversity
is much more than a slogan; it’s a commitment. Diversity goes beyond
age, race or gender, to include sexual orientation, language, physical
ability, family, religious affiliation, socio-economic circumstances,
education and life experience.

It’s our team members who make Stork Corporation successful.
Individuals with a wide range of beliefs and backgrounds. Listening
to, valuing and responding to each individual translates into
innovative products and solutions, a friendly environment and future
success for everyone.

Whatever your experience, you are Stork Corporation.