Web Design


Web Site Design Services Stork Web Design provides an affordable, user-friendly and attractive web site for your organization. We also will help you with “web promotion and hosting,” at a fraction of the cost of comparable web design services. We have designed many web sites since 1998 with excellent customer acceptance and satisfaction. We have included sample links, in this web site, to those that we have designed and developed. Continue reading Web Design

Translation Services

Stork Translation provides professional “top-notch” translation and proofreading services, oral or written (text, web site translation, desktop publishing documents and others), in Turkish and English. Our translators have proven experience in various fields including legal, medical, information technology and sciences. Before you use our service, you will be informed, up-front, about the time it will take to get the job done and the associated costs. Written translations can be delivered in various mediums, including paper copy, e-mail or electronic medium. For complete quality assurance, a second translator reviews each translation project we complete. We have professionals who have translated major technical, marketing and other business documents in Electronics, Computer Software, Automotive, Biotech, Legal, Financial, Scientific, Medical and Engineering. We also have experience translating “orally” for trials, social services, and governmental and civic functions. More info »»» If you have documents available for analysis you may email us      TRANSLATION SERVICES Continue reading Translation Services