STORK COMMERCE Among services our Commerce arm provides is our e-Commerce capabilities. We, working with our customers,  design and develop Internet sites that facilitate excellent marketing, sales and service capabilities. The systems we develop provide leading edge presence on the Internet that is reliable, secure and and easy to use.

Using our Commerce Services you greatly enhance your import-export capabilities for goods and services to and from Turkey. Moreover, working with our Intermediation professionals, we can facilitate entry into Turkish markets by providing administrative services as well as putting together a team of professionals to help pave the way for establishing a market presence.

Market Development

Turkey, a rapidly developing country, has tremendous opportunities in many business areas sales, including marketing, sales, manufacturing and consulting.

Through our excellent knowledge and contacts in Turkey as well as in the United States, we can facilitate any business activity that our clients wish to undertake.

Market Development As an import-export license holder, Stork Corporation will either, depending on customers’ needs, start a marketing campaign, establish agents, or conduct marketing studies in a timely and effective manner. Stork Commerce Services E-Commerce Import-Export Marketing Support in Turkey Marketing Development in Turkey