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Web Site Design Services Stork Web Design provides an affordable, user-friendly and attractive web site for your organization. We also will help you with “web promotion and hosting,” at a fraction of the cost of comparable web design services. We have designed many web sites since 1998 with excellent customer acceptance and satisfaction. We have included sample links, in this web site, to those that we have designed and developed.

The sites we design are unique to each customer, with custom graphics, banners and logos that “load” quickly. We keep the customers involved in the design process by getting their feedback on the prototype system before finalizing the design.

Completed web site is made available to the top free search engines/directories as well as other lesser-known search engines/directories worldwide. Such submissions are included free of charge with our design services.

You can use our design quote form or e-mail Stork Web Design to get a more detailed idea about our Web Design services.

Use the design quote form or e-mail Stork Web Design about your web design project.

You will not be obligated in anyway to purchase any services offered by contacting Stork Web Design



Web Design Services At An Affordable Price Whether you already have an established business, want to start an online business, or you need to put your business information or products online, Stork Web Design will design an appropriate web presence for you.

Since 1998, the focus was learning effective web design and promotion principles, then applying those principles to the web sites we design. Designing web sites that are functional and have a high rate of success seemed more important than learning how to design with the newest bell or whistle available. The design of the web site is only one of the many tools needed to make it effective; flashy or pretty does not make a web site work, there is lot more involved in the development of a successful web site.

The web sites we design use a mixture of imagery and information, emphasis is always placed on the informative content; information is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of web site design. Stork Web Design also decided that it would be more effective for us business wise to make these web design services affordable, so that anyone wanting a quality web site designed could easily afford it.

The years of designing web sites, consulting and helping others to design and promote their web sites has given Stork Web Design experience and knowledge in web design principles and web site promotion that many claim to know but only a few can apply.

It is not about how much innovative technology we can fit onto a single web page, it is about how well the web page performs, and that is what matters.

We have a reputation to uphold by doing our absolute best for all of our customers, and by using the knowledge, and experience we have accumulated to help them start their web presence off on the right foot.

Is The Customer “Always” Right? Lets face it, just because the customer requests certain design elements for their web site does not mean it is always what is best for the success of their web site. Advice, consultation, experience, and web site design knowledge is why you want to hire professionals to design your web site in the first place. Many clients do not know the effects of certain design values will have on the overall success of their web site.

Whatever the customer chooses to do, it is always in the customers’ best interest to have someone knowledgeable to help them reach the right decision. With out knowledge in web design, usability, web promotion, marketing, and a host of other services a web design company may not have the ability to help you with your web presence once it has been created, as well in the correct processes in which to create it. Consultation should be available to the customer while the web site is in development and when it is completed.

Web services should not end once the web site is completed! Stork Web Design specializes in:

HTML web pages with emphasis on informative content, and the delivery of the content to your visitors. Customized/optimized Meta tags are created for every web page. One time submission to the major free search engines and directories once the design project is complete. Fast loading, visitor friendly web sites that are cross browser compliant and search engine friendly. Form pages and CGI script set up. PHP and MySql combination. Web site promotion experience and knowledge. Site consultation services. Flash & Director Animated Database Driven Web Sites Java & Java Scripts Style Sheets Affordable prices for all web services. The Basics Of Effective Web Site Design Designing visitors out of your web site!

This may sound strange but it is a major downfall for many web sites. When developing a mainstream web site there is a tendency to forget that many different visitors with different needs, browser preferences, connection speeds, and monitor resolutions will visit the web site.

Getting the visitors to your web site is only part of the battle. The lack of traffic has kept many webmasters and site owners awake at night and to make sure you have a steady stream of visitors to any web site takes diligence or a lot of money to spend on Search Engine Optimization specialists and online/off-line advertising. Nevertheless, web site traffic means nothing if your visitors cannot use your web site once they visit it. It is the same as going to a store that is out of business.

Never keep a visitor waiting The majority of visitors will not wait for your pages to load. Instead they will just find another web site to visit; your web pages must be as fast as humanly possible at all times. Creating slow loading pages is only smart if your intent is to lose visitors.

Designing for a specific web browser If your web developer designed your pages for viewing in only one of the major browsers, you need to correct that situation. There is more than one web browser being used online. Your web sites success or failure depends on your visitors and the impact your web site has on them. If you are selling products, services, or your web site is advertisement for your business, it has to be seen and the content needs to be read. If your web pages cannot be accessed those visitors will leave.

That is why you have invested money developing a web site and putting it online. If this were your off-line business, would you limit the number of customers you would do business with? You are, in essence, doing that very same thing. Every visitor to your web site is a potential customer; but not if they are using a browser that your site is not designed for.

“This site best viewed with (you choose) at a screen resolution of (again your choice)” and some even tell you the color depth. Then to be considerate enough to also place hyperlinks so the people that do not use that specific browser can easily download it so that they may have the privilege to access the web site.

Do you really think visitors to your web site are going to download a 20 megabyte (or more) file, install it, make adjustments to their color depth and screen resolution, then reboot their system just to view your web site?

The major argument in designing for a specific browser is that browser X is only being used by lets say 13% of the surfing community.

What is 13% of 250-300 million web surfers? We design web sites to be compatible with most of the browsers out there.


Whatever it is, they cannot view your web site!

If you are selling or promoting your business online, can you afford to let that 13% surf away?

While we are on the subject, the use of browser specific DHMTL and JavaScript is also a poor choice.

Java applets are definitely not a good choice. Applets can run slower and have a tendency to crash certain browsers, which can also crash a users machine. Do you think you will have repeat visits from these users?

The use of a confusing navigation structure Your navigation structure should speak for itself; do not have your visitors trying to figure how to navigate from page to page. No visitor should have to use ESP or download an instruction manual in order to use your web sites navigation. Just because you know how to use it or you know what all of those symbols mean does not mean that everyone else will know too.

Have your web site navigation structured so the visitor can easily access what they want. If a visitor cannot access a specific item of information or product in 3 clicks or less, you may lose that visitor out of frustration. If the visitor gets lost within your site because of a poor navigation structure or cannot find what they are looking for they will leave your web site.

Never use pop up ad windows That is it! Nothing more to discuss, never use them! Do you really need to know why?

Making your visitors listen to music of your choice Just because you like it does not mean that everyone else will also like it. If you must use music, then give the visitor the choice to listen to it or not.

Who are you creating this web site for anyway? When building your web site you have to leave all personal preferences out of it. You are creating your web site for the masses so your web site must be designed with the masses in mind.

New web site owners see certain design elements on other web sites that they like so when they hire a web designer to create their site, they want these same design elements incorporated into their web site as well.

A knowledgeable web designer will try to steer them in the right direction; away from the things that could hurt the success of their web site. There are also the designers that are not knowledgeable in the areas of building functioning web sites and just go along with the owners’ wishes. What is bad about this is that personal preferences are involved in the creation of a medium that needs to have usability for all.

The owner pays for it twice, they pay for the web site itself and then pay again when their visitors leave that same web site. Of course, the users that visit the web site pay for it as well because there is another web site online that is not suitable for the masses.

The moral of this story The major issues that make visitors not enjoy their stay at a web site or revisit that web site are pop up ads/windows, difficulty in finding specific products or information, slow page downloads, confusion once inside of the site, or congested web pages (too much going on all at once “remember white space is your friend”).

There are many different types of Internet users, all with different levels of skill and equipment using the Internet. There are also Internet users that have special needs; are your web pages designed so they may access them?

When creating a web site, you need to take all of this into account or you may design your visitors right out of your web site.

The visitor is king; just like the saying “the customer is always right.”

The visitor will make or break your online presence. You need to make sure you design your web site for the visitors and try to leave personal preferences out of it. “About how much will a web site cost? ” “What are your prices to design a web site?”

We are asked these questions constantly, but it cannot be answered effectively unless you are more specific about your needs.

How many web pages do you think you will need? Do you have your content written and images already, are the images already digitized? Are you planning on selling products from your web site, or is this an informational web site only? Will you need a shopping cart configured (assuming you already have the software)? In order to quote you a fair price, you need to supply as much information as you can about your web design project.

We do not have set prices for web design services unlike some web designers, every web site we design is created exclusively for that particular client so that every customer is guaranteed to have their OWN web site, it would be impossible to have set prices. Every design client will not require the same services, some will need e-commerce, some will want a informational site others may want an online photo album or resume. Stork Web Design does not charge you for how many words, how many links or how many images per page, and we do not charge by the hour.

Explain what you need in as much detail as possible, and we will quote you a price for the project, if you have seen other sites that you like send those URL’s, along with your correspondence.

“Well how is that fair to me?” Design requirements are different for each client and for each design project.

You will not be charged the same amount for a simple design project as you would be charged for a more complex one. Whenever you accept a set price for web design services, you are more than likely paying the industry standard or sometimes more. If you only require a basic layout, a few pages of text, and a couple of images, is it fair to have to pay the same amount as someone who needs scripting, complex imagery, and dynamically driven web pages?

You should always request a quote for your particular design project.

All price quotes include forms, images and their manipulation, links, Meta tag optimization for your web pages, and free site submission once the web design project is completed. No extra charges will be tagged onto any project once a price is agreed upon.

If your web design project needs more than 20 web pages we can work out a package deal of one set price for the whole job so you can still save money.

If you need content written for your web pages, then there will be an additional fee for those services.

We do not offer flash, data base programming, web hosting, or domain registration. Offering some of those services would take the affordability out of our design services.

But we can assist you in acquiring a dependable web host, good Flash designer and programmer for your database needs as well as assist you in your domain registration if needed.

To date we have not had one unhappy customer or had to refund any payments for any of the services offered by Stork Web Design.

Contact us or use the free design quote form remember to fill in as much of your information as you can (the more information the better) and we will send you a cost estimate for your project that will not cost you anything.

You are not obligated in any way to purchase any design services when you contact Stork Web Design about your design project. Request A Free Quote For Your Web Design Project Please fill this form out with as much information as possible, the more information you can supply the more accurately we can serve you. All areas marked with a “*” are mandatory and must be filled or the form cannot be sent, areas marked (optional) do not have to be filled out in order for the form to be sent. The quote you receive does not include charges for web hosting or domain name registration unless specified, Stork Web Design does not directly offer those services to clients. Please Note: If you do not take the time to correctly fill out this form your request will be deleted without reply. Because of a very large workload, there may be a small wait for your design quote to be processed, we are sorry if this causes you any inconvenience.


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