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Stork Translation provides professional “top-notch” translation and proofreading services, oral or written (text, web site translation, desktop publishing documents and others), in Turkish and English. Our translators have proven experience in various fields including legal, medical, information technology and sciences. Before you use our service, you will be informed, up-front, about the time it will take to get the job done and the associated costs. Written translations can be delivered in various mediums, including paper copy, e-mail or electronic medium. For complete quality assurance, a second translator reviews each translation project we complete. We have professionals who have translated major technical, marketing and other business documents in Electronics, Computer Software, Automotive, Biotech, Legal, Financial, Scientific, Medical and Engineering. We also have experience translating “orally” for trials, social services, and governmental and civic functions. More info »»» If you have documents available for analysis you may email us      TRANSLATION SERVICES

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» Text Translation    We can translate your brochures, manuals, proposals, legal documents, letters, in short all your written communications in a timely and effective manner. Your written documents can be in Word (we have both Turkish and English fonts), PDF, HTML, hard copy or any other format.  » Desk Top Publishing (DTP) WE translate your newsletter, marketing brochures, product manuals or advertising flyers without losing your graphical layouts. Our translators provide documents with original graphics create multilingual versions of the originals. Even when the source files are no longer available we can recreate the graphics and layout in any language to look exactly like the original. We can support a wide range of formats including Photoshop, Quark Xpress, PageMaker, Frame Maker Illustrator, PowerPoint and Acrobat. Our DTP pricing is based on the source format, target languages, and final output. Upon analyzing your project files, we will provide you with a quote that will detail both the translation costs as well as the time it will take to finish the task. Top  » Website Translation and localization    HTML translation – Most website are written in HTML format. Translating this type of documents doesn’t involve developers, instead it requires professional translation. Such translations are more time consuming and therefore a little more expensive than “regular” The rates for such translation are the same or a bit more expensive then regular translation.

Image translation – Your website might include some images (like menu buttons, scanned brochures etc.) that you may or may not want to translate. Image translation is usually done by a translators and a graphic designer. Like the above, rates here are calculated based on the time it would require not only to do the translation, but also to modify the “design” for a better presentation in the translated language.

Dynamic website translation – Translation of a dynamic site (a website with content that is database or program driven) involves several tasks: -HTML translation -Images translation -Database translation -Source code translation The rates for these tasks are also dependent on the above cited conditions.  » Proofreading    We can proofread your documents for clarity, spelling and typing errors, logic and grammar.

» Express Translation

Do you have a challenging deadline? Do you need to translate your document NOW? Prime Translation offer express service in major languages includes but not limited to English, Turkish etc…) What you should know about express service: A surcharge may apply. The quality process is the same, but you can ask to skip the second translator proofread for expedited service at your own risk. A single translator can translate about 2000-3000 words a day. We can split the project between several translators, but you may have difference in styles.

» Software Translation and Localization Would you like to translate your software GUI, online help or other documentation? What you should know about software localization: Help files and user manuals – we will translate your precompiled online help and manuals files using your roboHelp or equivalent files or, alternatively, we can translate them from your current hardcopy or electronic documentation. Image translation – Your software may include some images (like icons menu buttons, scanned brochures, etc.) that you may not want to translate. Images translation is done by a translators and a graphic designer. The rates for this job are calculated by working hours. In some cases in order to reduce costs you can decide to keep the images untranslated and to translate the text only. GUI translation – Currently, we offer resource files translation and database translation. We do not offer translation of “in code” text. Before internationalizing your software, it is recommended to extract all texts into a resource file or a database.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Logistics Payment and Fees General Why should you choose Stork Translation (Stork Corporation)? Do you proofread translations before delivering them? How quickly can you translate something? Will my document be kept private? Will you translate few words for free? What about automatic translation tools? What languages do you cover? Logistics In what manner and format do you need to receive documents to be translated? Will my document be formatted for printing? How will you return my document? Payment and Fees How much it will cost to translate my material? What are the payment methods and terms. How do I pay?

General Why should you choose Stork Translation (Stork Corporation)? Translation Quality – Our Translators are native speakers of each target language. They are chosen for their linguistic skills and for their technical expertise. We are dedicated to quality control. All translations are checked and double checked before dispatch. Fast Service – You will find a friendly in-house team that is willing to assist you, 7 days a week, with any questions that you may have. Competitive Rates – You will receive quality translation services at competitive and cost-effective rates. Your projects will be delivered on time. Do you proofread translations before delivering them? Yes, we proofread all translations before returning your documents to you. How quickly can you translate something? Our translators can translate about 2000 words per day. The turnaround time will be based on this rate plus another day or two for proofreading. However, if you have a specific deadline, please let us know so that we can do our best to meet it. Will my documents be kept private? Simple! If you have privacy concerns, we’ll sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement and have our translator (s) sign it too. Will you translate few words for free? Currently, we do not provide free translations. What about automatic translation tools? There are several websites that offer automatic translation for free; the results from this software are broken sentences that usually fail to convey the point of the original text. Sometimes they can be used to obtain a very rough idea of what the text is about, but they should not be used for specialized text because the information will not be accurate and can possibly result in liability for your company. There is nothing better than a human translator, backed up by a suitably qualified team and good quality-control procedures. What languages do you cover? We cover more then 2 languages. Here are some examples: English and Turkish Look at our languages page for more details

Logistics In what manner and format do you need to receive documents to be translated? We can handle most major PC & Mac based software. MS Word and PDF files tend to be the most flexible and can be easily attached to an e-mail. If the text cannot be transmitted electronically, you may either fax it to +1(651) 633-6934 or mail it to us. Click here to view our contact details including our e-mail address. Will my document be formatted for printing? This is not included as part of our standard service. However we will try to keep the layout as similar to the original as possible. Let us know if you require formatting/editing, and we’ll take care of it for a small additional fee.

How will you return the document? The easiest way is to send it by email, but we can also return documents by fax or courier.

Payment and Fees How much it will cost to translate my material? All translation service fees are calculated based on a rate per word. This rate will vary depending on the complexity of the text, the deadline, and the languages requested. You can expect to pay between US$ 0.05 and US$ 0.15 per word for our translation services. A minimum fee of US$ 40 applies on all orders. Please fill out our online form and you will get a quote soon. (usually within 20 minutes). Payment methods and terms. All work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our translation, we will work on it until it earns your satisfaction. If you are still not satisfied, we will give you a refund. We accept payments by checks, credit card, PayPal and wire transfers: On small projects, under $100, we request 100% of the total fee prior to commencing the project. On medium project, between $100 and $2,000, we request 50% of the total fee prior to commencing the project and 50% after receiving the project. On larger projects ($2,000 and up) we request 50% of the total fee prior to commencing the project by wire transfer and 50% after receiving the project. How do I pay? For smaller amounts (under US$ 2,000) you can pay online by credit card using our secure form. For larger sums, we recommend arranging a bank transfer or sending check.