Our consulting services comprise of project management for e-commerce applications, small business planning and implementation as well as intermediation services between entities in the United States and companies in Turkey.

Consulting services also includes helping with administrative aspects of obtaining licenses, establishing agencies to market your products in Turkey.   Our intermediation services will put you in touch with suppliers (from mining products to clothing and gift items) as well as helping you locate companies/individuals to market your in Turkey.

Intermediation Our Intermediation service is designed to connect individuals who have a common business interest, especially between entities in the United States and Turkey. If for example, there is a need for legal advice, a particular product, business information, or similar service, we will put you in touch with the most appropriate entity, help you establish a communication channel, and once a working relationship is established between the two entities, we will “get out of the way.”

In other words, we will act like catalysts facilitating a business relationship between the two parties.