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Stork is a privately held USA corporation located in Roseville Minnesota, where there are no   storks! In this age of “cyber-reality”, the founders figured that a cyber-stork was better then no stork at all! Our stork will deliver much more than babies!       The company was established to provide a wide variety of goods and services to its customers. One of our primary purposes is to  help small and medium sized companies make full use of information technology to compete in this increasingly technology oriented marketplace. We have a high degree of expertise in designing web sites; sites that will help our customers to provide better service and/or marketing to their clients.

Our company also has other products and services which are described further in this web site or fliers that are available upon request.

We would like to be your one-stop provider of the following products and services.

-Stork Technologies Stork technologies will help our clients with their Internet needs, like web design and hosting services.

» Stork Web Design

We design, develop and maintain web sites with full participation from our customers. We take pride in providing this service at a reasonable cost and in a timely manner.

» Stork Hosting Services

We can host your web site either on a Windows or a Unix platform.

» Stork Commerce

Our software consulting and development arm, established to enhance your marketing, sales, services and market recognition will provide a vehicle for growth. We use the latest technologies to create/develop web sites, or to enhance your existing one.

» Stork Consulting

Our consulting department will provide advice on your e-commerce needs.

» Stork Mediation

Mediation arm is established to bring together  knowledgeable professionals with entities in need of various services. -Stork Translation We provide translation services, written or oral, from English to Turkish or vice-versa.

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